Access control

Why donít you need keys any more?

With an access control system you can decide who has access to your house or building.

Keys do that as well, so whatís the difference?

When you lose a key, you either have the inconvenience of having to pay for new locks and keys or you have to accept that the building is no longer completely secure.

With an access control system you can cancel an individual card or tag.

And so, you donít need to replace any keys or locks.
The security of the building is still guaranteed.

Finger print entry:

This system controls an electromagnetic door lock so that access can be granted and it can store 9000 finger prints.

This is ideal for rooms which require high-level security:
  • Stored files
  • Safes
  • Client information
  • This can also be important for the safety of you and your family.
Code keyboard (both can be viewed and examined in our show home).