Domotics is a concept which stands for the automation of just about all home comforts.
The question of what to automate and how to do it will vary for each home and each individual. Something which one person regards as crazy may be the perfect solution for someone else.

When you go to bed or leave your home, you can turn off all the lights with a single switch, whilst orientation lights on the landing highlight a safe passage to the toilet or outside door. You can also use this system to switch off any sockets as required (e.g. where you do your ironing, in the kitchen, etc.).

People hardly ever use atmospheric lighting on full power any more, and this creates a cosy atmosphere and saves considerably on energy consumption.

In many rooms (e.g. toilet, store cupboard, corridor, landing, dressing rooms, or garage) the lights go on automatically thanks to the installation of a sensor. Once again, this saves considerably on energy consumption because the lights go on only when it is really necessary and go off again when you leave the room. Here, too, you have comfort in abundance.

Letís go a step further: you select a film on the touch screen. This automatically turns out the lights, turns up the heating, closes the sun blinds, if necessary, switches on the TV and sets the Dolby surround system at the correct sound level. Then the film starts.

This is a flexible, user-friendly, and energy-saving system for everyone.

  • Energy-saving
  • More comfort and security at home.


BASIC DOMOTICS (from Ä1325, not including V.A.T.)
  • Buttons (switches) can be programmed.
  • 1 button can switch on several lights at the same time.
  • Itís always possible to fit an extra switch without extra wires.
  • Pressing a button for a long time gives it a 2nd function.
  • Timer function for landings, storage cupboards, outdoor lights, and ventilators.
  • Control buttons for shutters and sun blinds.
  • System can be extended to include dimmers, master switches, and detector alarms.
ADVANCED DOMOTICS (from Ä7000, not including V.A.T.)
  • Endless choice of spheres such as watching TV, panic button, everything out, visitors, BBQ, dinner, home, etc.
  • Internet connection as standard.
  • 5 x rs232 connections for communication with other appliances such as stereo systems, alarms, DVD players etc.
  • Astronomical clock.
  • Simulation of the past 2 weeks.
  • Everything can be connected, everything is possible (audio-multi-room, video, touch screen, computer, temperature control, etc.).
  • Detector alarm so that the lights go on and off automatically.
  • LED buttons to show whether the light or atmospheric light is on or off.

We work with dobiss and Vantage.